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Why Hire Pat Kendall to Write Your Resume?
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You'll Work Directly with Pat Kendall, NCRW, JCTC

Your resume will be crafted by Pat Kendall, an expert-level resume strategist and early adopter (1994) and developer of electronic and keyword resumes:

  • Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW)
  • Twenty-five years of experience
  • Author of two nationally published books and dozens of articles published in traditional and online venues
  • Electronic resume and online job search expert
  • View testimonials

Benefit: You will benefit from Pat's expert knowledge, sage "no nonsense" advice, and direct experience working with 10,000+ job seekers at all levels, in virtually all professions.

Strategic, Keyword-Optimized Resume Content

Pat Kendall's keyword resumes are strategically built around job target keywords to focus on the right stuff – not only for the human reader, but also for the electronic systems that are likely to process them. Pat's original and proprietary keyword-mining methods are outlined in her book, Jumpstart Your Online Job Search.

Benefit: In the current job market, most resumes are processed electronically and are scored and ranked based on their keywords -- so the right keywords are critical for success. In short, your resume's keyword content will determine whether your resume comes up as a MATCH when potential employers and recruiters search for qualified candidates.

Attractive Scannable and Compatible Resume Formats

Pat Kendall's resume formats are created in MS Word with custom desktop publishing and typographical enhancements to improve document appearance and readability. In addition, Pat's nationally published resume formats are specially designed for electronic processing.

Benefit: Since Pat's custom-designed resume formats are computer scannable, a second "scannable version" is not needed. In addition to being cost-effective (you won't need to purchase a scannable version of your resume), Pat's multifunctional formats take the guesswork out of deciding which resume format should be used for a given situation.

Multiple Formats

Various options are available, including:

Multifunctional MS Word Scannable / Compatible Format:

These custom-designed formats (including page layout, fonts, paragraph formatting, and typographical enhancements) are compatible with most recipients' systems. Scannable/compatible formats are ideal for most job seekers. These formats are optimized to work effectively in the electronic job market – whether uploaded, faxed, scanned, or viewed by a human being. Your resume will open and display properly in most computer systems with no font problems, misaligned bullets, page-break errors, or formatting glitches.

Designer Formats:

Custom-designed resumes and bios may feature graphic design elements and/or photos, logos, custom fonts, colors, and styles. Ideal format for networking, consultants and solopreneurs.

Electronic Resume Formats:

Resume packages include a PDF file and a text version of the resume for e-mailing and cutting/pasting into online forms. Also included: Instructions and links on how to use the different formats. Learn more about the different formats

Benefit: Even if you know nothing about the electronic job market, Pat's step-by-step instructions and guidance will get you up-to-speed in no time!

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