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Advanced Resume
Advantages of Web Résumés
By Pat Kendall, NCRW

Because web resumes are based on HTML (the same coding language used to create Web pages) they offer a unique combination of benefits you won't find in traditional formats and mediums:

Universal Compatibility

Since HTML resumes are basically Web pages, they can be viewed by anyone with Internet access, no matter what kind of software or operating system they use. In other words, there's no need to worry about file conversion problems, formatting glitches, or the ubiquitous computer virus.

Attractive Appearance

HTML formatting provides a vast array of color and layout options. When used correctly, these design features can dramatically improve resume appearance and project an image that reinforces your candidacy. With HTML, you can create virtually any style – whether conservative, distinctively professional, or cutting edge. If your profession is image-oriented, high-tech, or creative, this feature alone makes the Web resume a worthwhile investment.

Portfolio Capabilities

Like all Web documents, HTML resumes can be linked to other HTML pages. The World Wide Web provides a perfect environment to build an online portfolio with links to creative samples, Linkedin profile, letters of recommendation, graphs, photos, and so on.

The ability to expand the resume beyond the immediate page – providing immediate access to examples and supporting documents – is unique benefit that can't be duplicated in other mediums. What's more, printing and production costs for traditional portfolios can be expensively prohibitive, but there are no printing costs when you "strut your stuff" online.

CareerFolio Examples:

24/7 Accessibility

Unlike the paper resume, HTML resumes "reside" online and they work full-time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You don't mail them, attach them, fax them, or e-mail them to anyone. A web-hosted resume is continually available to potential employers, recruiters, and networking contacts – even when your computer is down or you're out of town.


HTML resumes not only look great, but they reinforce your image as a cutting-edge candidate. If confidentiality is not an issue for you, capitalize on the prestige of having a Web resume. Make a "high tech" impression by including the URL (web address) in your traditional resumes, text resume, job search correspondence, Linkedin profile, e-mail signature line, personal business cards, and so on.

In short, the Web resume's 24/7 accessibility and image-building capabilities make them an ideal career-marketing tool for many job seekers. If you need to project a web-savvy image and want to build a Web presence, consider the advantages of a Web resume.


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Pat Kendall
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